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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Passion fruit/maracuja mousse = brazilian summer

I subscibed to BBC Good Food magazine, and in the June edition I found a brazilian #passion #fruit #mousse traybake recipe. so... why not? I gave it a go. It's chilling in the fridge now:-)

in the meantime, Im sharing the recipe with you.


for the base:

250g digestive biscuits
100g butter

for the mousse:

4 x passion fruit
2 x 400ml condensed milk
1 x 300ml double cream, whipped
250ml passion fruit juice, from the box
4 x sheets gelatine

for the mango coullis:

2 x mango
2 x teaspoons sugar
juice from 1 lime

how to make this?

crumble the biscuits in the food processor, dissolve the butter and mix in the biscuits, put in the tray, make the base.

cut the passion fruits and spoon out the flesh, mix with the box juice.

take the gelatine sheets and put into cold water to soften .

put the juice and passion fruit flesh in the pan and heat it up. take the gelatine sheets out of water, put into the juice, stir until dissolved. leave to cool down.
whip the double cream, add the condensed milks (I used only 1.5 because I thought it would be too sweet), mix and add the cooled down passion fruit mixture. stir. pour onto the cookie base.

cut one mago, put into the food processor along with the lime juice and sugar, mix until smooth.
cut the other mango into small pieces, stir into the coullis.
put into the fridge to cool down:-)

and the resault: