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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Thyme, lemon, appleeeeeeey ever after

I love cooking. I love taking pictures of the things I made. So..  why not start sharing them with the rest?

So here I am. And here is my food.

Very first thing in here.

Thyme Chicken with apples and lemon zest.

The taste of thyme cooperates nicely with the lemon zest and apples. Very light.

Serves 5
2 packs of boneless chicken thighs fillets
1 lemon
Fresh thyme / dry one is good too
Sweet paprika powder
2 ripe apples
1. Prepare chicken: in a big bowl, put some olive oil, put the chicken in, sprinkle with paprika and thyme (the more the better, really up to you) salt and pepper. Mix so the meat is covered with spices. 
2. Heat the oven to 200degrees. 
3. Take the apples, slice them finely to get slices 10mm thin.
4. Put some oil into the large pan, heat, put the chicken and pan fry so it gets colour. 
5. Put some alluminium foil onto a baking tray. (U need to cover the chicken completely so leave some foil hanging on the sides of the tray)
6. Put the first line of chicken and line of apple slices on it. Put another line of chicken and another line of apples so you have the whole tray covered. 
7. Sprinkle with some spices, thyme and paprika.
8. Cut the lemon in half. Use juice of one half to sprinkle over the meat, slice the other half and put on top of the meat. 
Close the foil on top of the chicken (wrap it closely, it needs to cook inside) and put in the oven for at least half an hour to cook thoroughly. 
9. Take the tray out of the oven, Open the foil and put it back so the lemons and meat get nice colour.
10. Enjoy:)

Ps. You can eat it with everything. I served it with couscous and apple-carrot-n-celery slaw.